Tech­nol­ogy & Mixed Media Design

Hi, what's up! I'm Benedikt, or just Benny, a versatile media designer, developer, and artist based in Munich, Germany. My work encompasses a wide range of media and tasks, including multimedia and UI/UX design, full-stack app conceptualization and development, creative coding, film production, and experimental photography. My strength lies in my broad knowledge of these different multimedia disciplines, which enables me to combine them into unique and exceptional projects, always with the goal of creating something extraordinary with exceptional visual quality.

I'm passionate about the new possibilities offered by artificial intelligence and how it enhances the creative world. I believe it's neither good nor bad in and of itself, but instead enhances and highlights the dynamics of the new creative world. It has great potential as both a tool for implementing projects and as a source of inspiration for arriving at unexpected ideas or expanding on our own visions. I already approach my work process in this way, using new technologies, allowing myself to be inspired again and again, picking up new ideas along the way, and creating exciting work as a result. I blur the lines between creativity and technology. My creations are lively, colorful, and impactful. They showcase a fresh perspective on people and nature, blending dream-like realities with the natural and technological.

I work in the areas of digital company representation and strategies, advertising, scenography, fashion, and as a freelance designer and artist, but I'm open to exciting projects of any kind to contribute to shaping our world.

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