Tech­nol­ogy & Mixed Media Design

Hi, I'm Benedikt, or just Benny. I'm a versatile media designer, developer and artist based in Munich, Germany. My work spans a wide range of media and responsibilities, from creative coding and AI development to multimedia and UI/UX design. I'm adept at conceptualizing and developing full-stack apps and creating experimental visuals. What sets me apart is my broad understanding of these multimedia disciplines. I love fusing them together into unique projects, always striving to create something remarkable with top-notch quality.

I'm really excited about the new horizons that artificial intelligence is opening up in the creative world. In my eyes, AI isn't inherently good or bad, but rather amplifies and brings into focus the nuances of our evolving creative landscape. Exploring and harnessing these new possibilities, developing tools to effectively utilize AI, and improving workflows is both an immense challenge and the primary focus of my work. I'm dedicated to making a significant impact in this fascinating field.

I work in the areas of enterprise digital application development, digital strategy, advertising, and as a freelance designer and artist, but I am open to exciting projects of all kinds to help shape our world.

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